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Welcome To UFF - Ultimate Funky Freeroam is a SA-MP community with a lot of unique features. We have Stunts, Deathmatches, Team Deathmatches, Races, Shooter, Derby, etc. We have arcade game such as Gold Block Hunt. Other mini events like Reaction Tests and Maths Test too keeps the fun pumped up. We have a friendly and helpful staff team who tries their best to meet your needs and hear your requests. Server IP:
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  • Welcome to UFF Release 7!
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UFF Rules and Regulations

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UFF Server Rules and Policies



  • You must follow these rules in order to play on this server, failure to comply will result in punishments!
  • Do not use cheats or any type of mods that interfere in multiplayer gameplay.
  • Cleo is NOT allowed, ENB, Car, Skin, Weapon mods are allowed.
  • Do not advertise here, this will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not insult other players or staff members.
  • Do not scream hacker on chat, use /report!
  • Do not flame or insult players.
  • Do not constantly use caps in chat, spamming will result in a kick.
  • Do not annoy admins or constantly ask for free things.
  • Do not farm your stats or achievements.
  • Do not register multiple accounts for no reason.
  • Do not driveby in spawn areas and do not constantly spawnkill.
  • Do not spam the chat or private messages.



Players are allowed to use some visual modifications, it is up to players to determine if the modification is capable of giving them an unfair advantage before using it and you use them at your own risk. Claiming that you did not know an unfair advantage existed within the modification is not a valid defense. 
No mods allowed except purely visual txd changes. Any change of vehicle model, object or player model can cause you to be banned if found it gives you a (dis)advantage.

Glitch/Script Abuse

Exploiting the script in any way that is unintended by the developers or using a bug or glitch in any way that gives you an advantage over other players and will result in a permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Game mechanic glitches such as crouch bugging (C-Bugging) and slide bugging (C-Walk). (even if you are doing it alone and in the middle of nowhere)
Entering a locked vehicle and trying to drive it, paint it, or shooting it's tires in order to disable it.
Usage of the command (/vehicles) to prevent a vehicle from blowing up by despawning it.
Usage of the command (/q) to prevent death.
Usage of the command (/kill) (or any intentional form of dying) as a method of teleporting.
Usage of the command (/kill) (or any intentional form of dying) below 20% health as a method of healing.

Chat rules

Misusing any chat window to disrupt the server and its players is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Speaking non-English languages on the public chat.
Flooding or Spamming any chat window.
Advertising services on the public chat will lead to ban.
Misusing help requests (/ask). (Help requests are to be used only for help questions regarding scripts or (in-game/forum) related questions or for song request)


Disturbing Administrators

You are not allowed to disturb any administrator asking for report points or suggesting stuffs and also private messaging an administrator to report a bug are forbidden activities . 
Administrators are busy in-game cause they get many reports. So, if you report someone, it will be handled by an administrator as soon as possible.
Constantly reporting a player is forbidden activity .
Do not Pm an admin saying "Report Points xD"  which is also a forbidden activity.
Do not report players personally to an administrator  instead of that you can report in forum. 
Do not ask an administrator to come in-game to ban him/her  , all administrators have their personal life.

These forbidden activities will lead to a temporary ban with a warn and will make the player ineligible for admin post.

Sensitive discussions

Discussions regarding "sensitive" topics such as personal matters, religion, politics are not encouraged in most cases.
Religious and Political discussions are prohibited on public chat.
Pornographic content (Including distribution and discussion) is not allowed.

Ban and Unban

If you are banned unfairly , you can post a ban appeal . Don't think that you will get a second chance always, second chance will be given rarely depends on the hack. From now ban will be issued for the following reasons also. 

You will be banned if you insult an administrator. (Ban Time - Permanent)
You will be banned if you use an administrator's name . (Ban Time - Permanent)
You will be banned if you constantly spam admin applications(You can only post after 1 week, if rejected) . (Ban Time - 5 days)
You will be warned in forum if you constantly ask for free stuffs.(You will be warned in forum) (No ban).

If continuously a player is asking for free stuff , a time ban will be issued.

If the forum  is issued, it will be for permanent.
Players who have a warn in forum  will be ineglible to  post an Admin Application or Mapper Application. 


Advertising other servers or communities in any chat channel is strictly prohibited and will result a permanent removal from the server. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Advertisements of groups that do not belong to UFF community and/or do not have agreement are forbidden.
Recruiting other Argonath players to another server even via chat applications (Facebook, Skype).
Multiple accounts and sharing accounts

Each player may create and use five account only; creating or using a sixth or subsequent accounts for any reason is prohibited. Logging into an account of another player with or without their permission is prohibited.

Ban evading

If a player has been banned from the server, whether it is a full ban or a temporary ban, he may not enter the server on any account until the ban has been formally lifted.

Interacting with Staff

The decisions of the administrators in the server must be accepted and followed without argument. Admins have a range of punishments they may issue and they have the authority to decide what action to take in any given situation. Note that something not appearing on this list is not a reason to argue with or ignore administration.

Administrators do have to follow a code of conduct and their use of commands is bound to a set of rules and guidelines that they must follow; if you feel an admin has misused or overstepped their position, or made an incorrect decision, it should be reported by using the report function on the forum or by sending a PM to Executive Administrators.

Be sure to follow these rules in order to avoid punishment, if you disagree with any of the above quit the server now.

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