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Welcome To UFF - Ultimate Funky Freeroam is a SA-MP community with a lot of unique features. We have Stunts, Deathmatches, Team Deathmatches, Races, Shooter, Derby, etc. We have arcade game such as Gold Block Hunt. Other mini events like Reaction Tests and Maths Test too keeps the fun pumped up. We have a friendly and helpful staff team who tries their best to meet your needs and hear your requests. Server IP:
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Bye all

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Hey first i will leave bcz all in uff Hate me but not all not for that i will leave not for that and many problems 

btw thanks all my freinds 









And more freind i forget his names 


Btw Thank you all!

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so basically you are leaving for nothing? that's doesn't make any sense but still good bye and good luck with your future.

Hope to see you sometime again!

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