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  1. Good Bye

    Hhhhh Smith ty and sharey
  2. Good Bye

    Sorry bad boy also forgot you
  3. Good Bye

    I left not for armin and this i left for Oblivion thats the real thing
  4. Good Bye

    Sweet and wind too
  5. Good Bye

    Good bye guya leaving uff Every server i must get friends and in this server i am gonna thank some who were supporting me Sycho Uzair Zunair Smith Reckon Sharey Sherlo Nigga Lightning Thunder Oussama Shezzy Smoke weed Drifty and darkkyt. Will miss you all names also nz and adnan
  6. Suggestion

    I suggested before i got demote to make VIPs can use /stream
  7. Guess who will post after you

    Cant understand lol
  8. Team Viewer

    Someone has team viewer to play games with each others
  9. Unban appeal

    If all doing mistakes and get punished it wont be world
  10. Unban appeal

    For aure by good working and mture and top time apeaks
  11. Unban appeal

    After this i demoted my self to advisor to dont take it serious and to stop abusing but you reported me good job
  12. Unban appeal

    For that players jking both of you
  13. Unban appeal

    When someone plays in your mind and says that i am bad so i am bad?
  14. Unban appeal

    if i did many abusing why didnt plauers report it players didnt take it serious and voted for me and i took best admin
  15. Unban appeal

    I didn't say you banned me wrong i said that you took it serious because i was trying it is it bad when admins trying bugs to report also obli did it and tols apl and knew it