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  1. Unban me

    I told u i have 6 houses u said tell me how ? And I wil l sell these houses
  2. Unban me

    Your in-game name:iTzSharey In-game name of the Administrator who banned you:Kringlee Reason for the ban:Abusing the server bug Screenshot of the ban message:https://imgur.com/a/iNxyOv3 Screenshot of your GTA San Andreas folder:https://imgur.com/a/zGghUbf Why do you think you should be unbanned?i didnt abuse the server bug i am banned wrongly if u are thinking about houses i told u how to get 7 house u asked me to told okay i will sell those 2 house Screenshot of your Cleo folder (if any):i dont have a cleo folder
  3. Bye all

    By By and Good Luck!
  4. Server Restarted

    I bought 300 gb in 30m from him
  5. Suggestion

  6. Add more business

    Add more business because all business are sold and player want to buy business i also want to buy 1 and business in uff are less than 100 sldo so include more please
  7. Good Bye

    Bye bye Miss u and Miss Polina also BB
  8. forgot the password

    Ig name :hateem Problem: Forgot the password Last password remember : hala
  9. Team Viewer

    i have :D
  10. Admin apply

  11. Admin apply

    ty :P i need votes ............r u insulting me
  12. Youtube

    ok come in game but how i believe send here ss
  13. Admin apply

    A little bit comedy in last line ;P