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  1. Bye all

    i think afte long time i will come
  2. Bye all

    Hey first i will leave bcz all in uff Hate me but not all not for that i will leave not for that and many problems btw thanks all my freinds Lighting Pola Sharey Rocken Node Oblivion Nigga Drifty And more freind i forget his names Btw Thank you all!
  3. Good Bye

    Bye Pola i will miss u Thanks For playing i'm too leaving,btw wil talk in FaceBook
  4. Biz bug

    Then my money Removed :/
  5. Biz bug

    i buy From Uzair Biz Drifty See me ask him and i /q server when i back i was want to get my money i do /b i don't find it when i go to place i see owned my Uzair ?? :/ i was have 5m and now 1m