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  1. Guess who will post after you

    Cheers!! Oblivion
  2. Guess who will post after you

    Nope! :D iTzSherey
  3. Bye all

    No one hates you lol... anyway good luck! A great adventure waiting you ahead :)
  4. Re apply

    while applying for admin you should trust 100% on yourself that you can do it. Nice, Active and mature while your English is not up to par -1. Good Luck!
  5. Admin application by iTzUzair

    You need some more time -1 Good LUCK!
  6. <<| The Guessing Game |>>

    @MegaKnight has correctly answered the Second hint! Hint: 3 Guess the GTA San andreas Mission. Prize: 250000$ (250k).
  7. <<| The Guessing Game |>>

    @Mr.DeviL has correctly answered the first hint (stars in left picture and fishes in right that is Star Fish Casino) Hint: 2 Guess the GTA San andreas Character. Prize: 250000$ (250k).
  8. Guess who will post after you

  9. Show off your PC/Lappy

    Show off your PC/Lappy The game is very very simple here you have to show off your PC or Laptop, get a picture of it and post it here. Don't forget to clean your desk before getting a snap. Try to make it as cool as you can. No editing allowed. And also you can give your PC/Lappy a name! let me start with mine! I named it J.A.R.V.I.S because a computer with the same name was used in cartoons "Courage the Cowardly dog" which knows all the secrets of Universe!
  10. Sycho_.'s Admin Application

    mature, friendly, helpful, active. Since you removed all doubts. I will give you a +1 Good Luck
  11. ♔HALL OF FAME♔

    <Bests of the server and Forum event winners will be listed here.> Server's BESTs Top Score: Drifty Richest Person: Le[G]enD Top Kills: Le[G]enD Top Deaths: iTzBrilliant No Lifer: iTzBrilliant Best Racer: Drifty Event Monster: Reckon The Duel God: iTzSherey Gold Blocks Enemy: ._Smith_. Reaction Boss: .Jazz. Bio Calculator: Drifty Best COP: Shezzy Unbeatable Gang: ArmoredBrothers Forum's BESTs N/A
  12. Introduction: The game is very simple here I'll give you 2 or 3 images and a hint and you have to guess word (name of the thing). And the person with most correct answers will move to HALL OF FAME! How to participate: Just reply the correct answer. First one to give correct answer will win the desired prize and a new hint will be given. When will it end: Event will be ended after 20 successfully answered questions. lets begin the event! Hint: 1 Guess the GTA San andreas Location. Prize: 250000$ (250k).