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  1. apply by Spectat0r

    -1 "Detailed explanation on how to detect, confirm and work against the hack/hacker is necessary (For example, if the hack is found as speed hack, the explanation on how to detect and confirm it are mandatory. I.e, to check the speed of the player and to compare it with the normal speed of a player, to check if the player is not using the speed boost option, to compare and check the situation in multiple scenarios, etc.)" ^This
  2. UnBanned BadBoy

    Unbanned. Please know that if you are found using any hacks again, you won't be unbanned again. Welcome back. Closed.
  3. UnBanned BadBoy

    He was already banned for aimbot once and then unbanned because we thought it was a connectivity/PC problem. Upon further inspection, more and more players reported him to a point where we couldn't just stay back. So we continued collecting proofs. And according to all the proofs, and player reports, we can almost confirm it as Aimbot. I said "almost" because there still remains a possibility that it might not be. And in that case, we would have to formulate further methods to inspect his PC. We are currently in the process of doing so. Additionally, I specifically stated that he could ask for second chances rather than fight back. So if he wants a second chance, he can just request for it. Lastly, I mentioned players are not allowed to reply to player reports until they have additional proofs or such crucial information. So please do not reply again, even to this message. Thank you.
  4. Suggestion

  5. Re apply

    Update: Changing my vote to Neutral leaning to +1 You should have made the application more neat and professional. Not needed time zone.
  6. Admin application by iTzUzair

    -1 Not needed time zone. Not ready yet. Did not even have the basic audacity to remove the strike-throughs and other irrelevant information to your application. Missing aimbot explanation. Good luck!
  7. UnBanned BadBoy

    Proofs: Do you have any kind of explanation as to why your bullet curves and the improper C-bug occurs and the majority of us feel like this is aimbotting? Please, if you know that you indeed used hacks, I would advise you to rather admit it and ask for a second chance than to fight and argue with us that you did not.
  8. UnBanned BadBoy

    Please wait a while until proofs are uploaded and we will inform you of further actions to be taken.
  9. Player Report

    Proofs are insufficient. Will hold this topic open for 2 days. You can post further proofs (if you have them) within that time frame, to be considered. (Thread will be auto locked after 2 days) Thank you for reporting!
  10. Player Report

    Banned Processed. Thank you for reporting!
  11. Lynx's Admin Application

    Rejected. Thank you for your application!
  12. Suggestion

    But why? Isn't SA-MP multiplayer and you come here because you want to have multiplayer experience?
  13. Good Bye

    Again, there is no need for you to quit playing here just because you were out of the administration position. If you quit now, that just adds to "immaturity". Remember I told you about my story and what to do in situations like these? (Facebook chat) I suggest you continue playing here and just improve and show useless administrators like me how mature you can be :) You're a good person flooded with innocence. You just have to learn more. You have many friends here and nobody dis-likes you here. If you think that, it's just because they want to see you improve, you don't have to leave. That said, if you are going because of some other reasons or to give more importance to real life, I wish you all the very best! Cheers!
  14. Lynx's Admin Application

    -1 leaning to neutral. Not active enough. Situational based questions do not contain necessary and adequate information. Needed time zone. Satisfactory English.