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  1. Amazing KDR

    Player’s name: TjCosmin Rule/s broken: Maybe Fake Kills Time and Date: 7/15/2018 Description: Anyone Believe this? Evidence:
  2. Smith Parkour

    Please help my new channel by subscibe me send like okay :) (y)
  3. Smith Trick

    Sycho said " you like use Hack" xD
  4. Be a admin is hard not like Just baning people You must have mature to be admin And can take a good proofs
  5. Show off your PC/Lappy

    Smith Starter pack :(
  6. Bye all

    Bye , good luck remember took a Selfie with Hitler at Hell okay
  7. Server Restarted

    Yeah then i sell my gb to Sharey Before reckon restart server my score is 25K
  8. Server Restarted

    I lost 30 M 500k My money was (120M 500k +) Score 25K ( and now back to 24K)
  9. Suggestion

    I have a suggestion, Add Upgrade Business. If you upgrade your business more earning will come
  10. <<| The Guessing Game |>>

    Nines And Ak By Sweet Jhonson
  11. UnBanned BadBoy

    That is my old video about your rapid fire
  12. <<| The Guessing Game |>>

    Little Lion???
  13. Re apply

    In-game name: ._Smith_Werben_. Age: 14 Location and timezone: Jakarta,GMT +7 When did you start playing SA-MP? 7 years ago When did you start playing UFF? 2018-07-08 Why do you want to become an Administrator on our server? To help Server from hacker and help new player What qualities do you think an Administrator needs to possess? Helpful , Maturity , Active All your previous ingame names in UFF server (If name has been changed) : MegaKnight, , ._Smith_. Before moving onto the situation based questions, please check if the following requirements are fulfilled. The completion of requirements is 100% compulsory. A minimum of 30 hour play time on our server. A minimum of 10 forum posts (can be avoided if 25+ forum posts were made in the old forum) Basic understandability of the English language. A minimum of 2 reports made in-game and 1 forum report. (Report points count as proof of in-game reports) (Can be avoided if user crosses 80+ hours play time on the server) Ability to store video/photo proofs for at least 2 weeks. Not banned in the past month. Not warned in the forum. Not an administrator in other server. Please attach a screenshot of your in-game statistics: Situation-based questions Answer the following questions as if you were a Junior Administrator. The Junior Administrator commands are attached herewith: You saw a player report another player for "Aimbot". What would you do? - Waiting For report , then look his aim and his bullet(some aimbot just locked Player), If the bullet follows the player then the user uses aimbot, Take the proof and send to high admin , (if someone use locked aimbot i will look his aim , if he's aim locked to player i will take a proofs ) You saw a player report another player for "Health hacks". What would you do? - Firstly i spec the player , Then ask someone to shoot him or use /explode, If his HP not decreased or death i will take the proofs and send to higher admin You saw a player reporting another player for "Superman hack". What would you do? - Firstly i'm waiting for the report , then spec player who using superman hack , after that take a proofs and send to higher admin You saw a player reporting another player for "Rapid Fire". What would you do? -First i'm waiting the reports, then i'm spec him and look how much bullet's shoot from his weapon , if bullet's shooted fast than the anim i will take a proofs and send to higher admin You saw a player reporting another player for the reason "Insulting". What would you do? - Warn him to stop and tell to respecting other player because we are same! You saw a senior administrator abusing the rules. What would you do? - Ask to stop, if he is still abuse i will take the proofs and send to higher admin Additional information (Ignore if none): HEIL HITLER!!! (if i cant be admin maybe i can be Mappers)
  14. Good Bye

    BB have a nice day Dont forget to took selfie at hell (i mean heaven) xD Dont forget your burger from now Remember /kk
  15. Awards

    gb found? xD