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  1. Guess who will post after you

    Nope, he never replies here.. Let me try again, Reckon!
  2. Smith Trick

    I don't think you are 'Aimbot' lol, you misunderstood me and the thing I was talking about is different not this.
  3. Bye all

    Hello, so basically you are leaving for nothing? that's doesn't make any sense but still good bye and good luck with your future. Hope to see you sometime again!
  4. Guess who will post after you

    Nope Let me try, RECKON!
  5. Admin application by iTzUzair

    You have copied some explanations and you are not ready yet so its -1.
  6. Guess who will post after you

    Nope Oblivion!
  7. Good Bye

    @PoLa, Babye, have a great life ahead. If you ever need me for anything hit me up on discord and yes, what @Reckon and others have said is correct so try to think about it. -God Bless!
  8. Suggestion

    @Octavious Freeroam
  9. Guess who will post after you

    Yes :D Reckon
  10. Team Viewer

    That's true, it makes me lag even more...
  11. Suggestion

    /stream to stream songs? well if yes then I say +1
  12. Show off your PC/Lappy

    Wow, I had that mouse once but broken in few weeks because I use it on laptop and move it around with me. Nice Laptop and PC tho!