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  1. [POLL] Old Logo | New Logo

    Thanks bro
  2. [POLL] Old Logo | New Logo

    POLL Closed! The new logo has the most votes. We'll wait for our developers for their consents and decisions.
  3. [POLL] Old Logo | New Logo

    Thanks buddy!
  4. [POLL] Old Logo | New Logo

    Thanks @Oblivion Thanks @Node
  5. [POLL] Old Logo | New Logo

    Thanks @Reckon
  6. [POLL] Old Logo | New Logo

    Hello everybody, I've made another amazing logo, please choose the best one you like. So, our CEO(s) can accept it as the OFFICIAL LOGO. Please vote everybody! Closing date/time: 13/07/2018 - 06:00
  7. Admin of the month

    Congratulations, @PoLa! Sorry, for that fact that I couldn't vote for you, buddy! As I was inactive these days...
  8. Guess who will post after you

  9. Report - Hacker

    Player’s name: Hacker Rule/s broken: Hacking Time and Date: I don't remember. Description: This hacker has changed HardStone's score to 5555 as well as his money. Gave other players cash, troll on /dm, fake kills..etc Evidence:
  10. Hello fellas! I've thought of doing Photoshop images for cash. Not in-game cash, but real money. These are the following prices for each work: Youtube Channel: $3 Youtube PP: $1.5 Gaming Banner: $3 Forum Signature: $1 Advertisement: $1.5 Social Media PP/Cover: PP > $1 | Cover > $2 Other: $2+ I'd to do this, because making a image is not easy. It requires thinking... and I gotta earn money, so I can buy things. Please don't get sad. I've no money.
  11. Report

    He's using bots as well. And hacking. He might bug the server. Almost 86 bots. Imgur
  12. Event Suggestions

    In game name: LithuxBro Event title: Score Whore Event Event discription: This is a score event. This event lasts for 1 month. Explain briefly: In this event, the ones who participate in this event, will have their names & scores on the list. And at the last day of the event, the one with the higher scores will win. The list will be updated every week. As week 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Winner will get $20M Additional message, its Optional (rules, guidence etc): No cheating, hacking for score farming.
  13. ArmoredBrothers

    Good luck, buddy!
  14. UFF- Welcome Eventツ

    In-Game Name: LithuxBro