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  1. Unban me

    It is very bad to see that you are ready to sell bug abusing methods for money . Some poeple have also told me that you are saying in the public chat " I have 6 houses ". It is clear that you have bug abused . I will reduce the time period of the ban to 2 days. Ban stays. Closed.
  2. Gang Admin

    how can a co founder kick a founder?
  3. Amazing KDR

    Processed. Player will be banned. Thanks for reporting.
  4. Unbanned Me | Cavella

    It is very clear that you have modified the cleo folder today at the correct time . This can be understood from the last modified date of the cleo folder . No unban . Closed.
  5. Unbanned Me | Cavella

    If you don't present the screenshots within 12hr time.Ban will stay.
  6. Unbanned Me | Cavella

    Proofs :https://youtu.be/75hb0QOaTLY The part 3:52 onwards clearly explains it. Thanks to killer bee for report.
  7. Unbanned Me | Cavella

    Need the screenshots that are taken on todays date not what were taken on 13th July. Provide them.
  8. apply by Spectat0r

    -1. The timezone is not a required one and you do not know how to record proofs . As a whole you are not fit yet to be admin .
  9. Unbanned Me | Cavella

    You have been unbanned. Closed.
  10. unbanned ME BY Spectat0r

    Yes you will get an unban.
  11. Bye all

    Bye and good luck.
  12. Suggestion

  13. Admin application by iTzUzair

    Th above mentioned reasons by reckon are supreme
  14. Re apply

    Smith I would really like to appoint you but when I asked you to record the proofs you had told me that now you prefer being a mapper. I am going with neutral now and if you can show me some of the video proofs of the hackers you have recorded I am ready to change the vote.
  15. Admin application by iTzUzair

    -1. You are not fit yet and you are in a time zone that's not required currently. Good Luck.