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  1. Gang Admin

    Can you please elaborate about how you became co-founder of your own gang and who is the founder of the gang now?
  2. Re apply

    Application Rejected. You can re-apply when you feel that you are improved. Take you time. Good Luck!
  3. apply by Spectat0r

    We have encountered that you are immature and power hunger with the server log chats given below. [06:05:21] [chat] [Spectat0r]: ! if one admin vote me then u accept me [06:07:17] [chat] [Spectat0r]: ! i am not good at j.admin [06:07:29] [chat] [_Node]: !then what may you be good at executive? [06:07:31] [chat] [Oblivion]: ! so, don't apply! [06:07:42] [chat] [Spectat0r]: ! yes [06:07:49] [chat] [_Node]: !you want executive admin postion? [06:07:54] [chat] [Spectat0r]: ! yes [06:09:02] [chat] [Oblivion]: ! Executive is the one who controls the whole server [06:09:15] [chat] [Spectat0r]: ! lol i like it but i cant do that Application Rejected.
  4. Guess who will post after you

    Nope. Maybe Kringlee
  5. UnBanned BadBoy

    If you have nothing to do here then why you replied here?. "what we can all do is defend our teammates." If we spot that he is using aimbot, you will banned along with him for defending your teammate. It's a last warn for you. if you reply to any appeal in the ban appeal section, you will be warned in forum. Furthermore, final decision will be taken after we inspect his PC. Thank you.
  6. Challenge 2 is impassable

    Thanks for the bug report. Locked!
  7. Guess who will post after you

    Not Actually! Reckon
  8. Suggestion

    Why do we want an upgrade system for business? Already players earn millions as earnings. So, with level up system it will raise up to billion. -1
  9. Server Restarted

    I want to ask a question. This statistics picture was taken from your administrator application. can you explain. Before 4 hours you had $90,508,502(playtime before 1 hour) and in the span in of 1 hour (Play time) you have spent $606500. Totally you have $89902002 right now. With the playtime it shows us that you have spent only $606500 in an hour. About Score now. You had 24604 before 1 hour(playtime) and now you have 24575. So, this proves that you are saying a lie to us. If you admit if you lied, then it will go on with peace!
  10. Admin application by iTzUzair

    Application Rejected
  11. Admin application by iTzUzair

    Well, i blindly believe that you are not fit for admin. -1
  12. Re apply

    I like to see you in staff team but you are not ready yet. You have copied the idea for answers from the howk's admin application. Neutral leaning to -1.
  13. Add more business

    More business will be created in the next build. Don't disturb any of the admins who are in-game to create more business. This offensive activity will lead to severe punishments. Closed!
  14. Lynx's Admin Application

    Let me say my result in your way. Click here