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Welcome To UFF - Ultimate Funky Freeroam is a SA-MP community with a lot of unique features. We have Stunts, Deathmatches, Team Deathmatches, Races, Shooter, Derby, etc. We have arcade game such as Gold Block Hunt. Other mini events like Reaction Tests and Maths Test too keeps the fun pumped up. We have a friendly and helpful staff team who tries their best to meet your needs and hear your requests. Server IP:
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  • Welcome to UFF Release 7!
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    Hello everybody, I've made another amazing logo, please choose the best one you like. So, our CEO(s) can accept it as the OFFICIAL LOGO. Please vote everybody! Closing date/time: 13/07/2018 - 06:00
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    He was already banned for aimbot once and then unbanned because we thought it was a connectivity/PC problem. Upon further inspection, more and more players reported him to a point where we couldn't just stay back. So we continued collecting proofs. And according to all the proofs, and player reports, we can almost confirm it as Aimbot. I said "almost" because there still remains a possibility that it might not be. And in that case, we would have to formulate further methods to inspect his PC. We are currently in the process of doing so. Additionally, I specifically stated that he could ask for second chances rather than fight back. So if he wants a second chance, he can just request for it. Lastly, I mentioned players are not allowed to reply to player reports until they have additional proofs or such crucial information. So please do not reply again, even to this message. Thank you.
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    Well, i blindly believe that you are not fit for admin. -1
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    Proofs: Do you have any kind of explanation as to why your bullet curves and the improper C-bug occurs and the majority of us feel like this is aimbotting? Please, if you know that you indeed used hacks, I would advise you to rather admit it and ask for a second chance than to fight and argue with us that you did not.
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    More business will be created in the next build. Don't disturb any of the admins who are in-game to create more business. This offensive activity will lead to severe punishments. Closed!
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    Add more business because all business are sold and player want to buy business i also want to buy 1 and business in uff are less than 100 sldo so include more please
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    Which you are talking about has nothing to do with freeroam. -1
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    is this server's mode freeroam or rp?
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    URGENT AND IN EFFECT FROM 10-07-18 All requirements are waived off until a specific threshold of admin count is reached on the server. The applicant can now apply without completing any of the requirements listed. Updated.
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    UFF Release 7.5 Fixed some typos Disabled Anti-Cheat Fixed a bug in Rocket DM Fixed a bug in skydive spawn where you freeze for 2 times. Removed second chance in daily rewards. Registered players will now receive 5 score and $5000 cash for every 5 minutes. Business earnings will be directly saved to your bank account every 30 minutes with payday. You will be rewarded 4 score for reaction test and maths test. You can now pm a player who is in race. Removed VIP (for one connect) in gold block shop. You may no longer need to exit a vehicle to join a race. Fixed: A bug where you can't receive cash when you finish a race. Fixed: Automatic antifall in bike challenges and race minigame Fixed: A bug where it was showing wrong player name in reaction test already won message. Fixed: a bug in deathmatchs virtual world. Added Las Venturas Airport as a spawnpoint. Added Gold in /colors. Added Santa hat in /hold Disabled /sellvip. Fixed a bug where your toys slots doesn't save. Removed /myworld. Fixed /gcolor. Added a permission that the player need 100 score to join a gang. Fixed bugs in Business system. You can now convert your gold blocks into money in Gold Block shop(minimum 100 gbs and maximun 500gbs). Fixed minor bugs. Added some new gold block locations(157 locations currently). Players must have 50 score to view admins list. Added goto cooldown for unregistered players(1 goto per 3 seconds) Revamped Ani-Adv, you can no longer type more than 8 numbers in chat. You will no longer receive gold blocks for killstreaks. Gangs will now earn 5 score for every kill. VIP countdown will now effect only players in the range of 100. You can now use /camera to recieve a camera anywhere. Removed /vpara(vehicle parachute). Fixed a bug in house interior purchase. There is now a warning counter that doesn't fade away after you logout. a total of 50 warnings will automatically suspend the account permanently. Players will have infinite health in parkours. Added LMS in footer. Fixed Hitsound. Added Gang tag in /gtop. Changed bank map icon to seperate it from Business map icon. Fixed: Houses and Business owned in stats. Re-added /ask. Modified player settings dialog. Fixed a bug where your skin changes after a death in deathmatches Added /trailer for VIP. Removed /xslide. Fixed Map interfering in Challenge 8 and IP challenge. Fixed /spawnplace Added a multi challange as Challenge 10(/chal10) Added BMX Achievement.(BMX Lord) Fixed a bug where it doesn't take off your 30 gbs when you change your gang name. If he/she kills his/her fellow gang members, gang score will not be rewarded. You can now flip your vehciles in challenges Gangs can now have maximum of 40 members. Fixed /deletecolor.
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    A little bit comedy in last line ;P
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    Best Comedy Admin Application of the month goes to Sharey. Who agrees?
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    Update again: I've come to know that Legend has given back the money and the business. Further, you said you did not want to report him or have him banned. As a result, no action will be taken. Thank you for reporting. Closed.
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    but my Proofs Are clear And Modified Date check
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    Hello, From now, the button "Play Now", located here: Will function as a button to open our server so that you can go from our forum to our server in one click! Simply click on the button, click and check on "Always open these types of links in the associated app" box (so that you will not be showed this message the next time so as to open our server automatically) and then click on "Open samp.exe" If you haven't added our server to your favorites, you can do so by clicking on the "Add to Favorites" button or you can just click on "Play" to open up the server. Starting today, the button can also be found on our homepage here: Best, Reckon
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    Hello . Welcome to uff.
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    Hello Lynx, Welcome to UFF!
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    Welcome to UFF. Enjoy your stay!
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    Thank you
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    Good event sharey agree with you
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    Since the feature would be revamped, processed.
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    Actually, there is a VIP feature like that with the command /label (to add label) which only exist for one connect and it can be removed with the command /remove. +1, It will be revamped in upcoming releases.
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    Hello, Funky, Welcome to UFF, enjoy your stay!
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    Hello, welcome back to UFF, enjoy!
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    I left not for armin and this i left for Oblivion thats the real thing
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    A new regulation/policy - Disturbing Administrators Updated.
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    Your in-game name:Sharey In-game name of the Administrator who banned you:Node Reason for the ban:Ban Evade Screenshot of the ban message:---- Why u think you should be unbaned?:i want a last chance please i admit my mistake
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    i Believe only in Proofs not Videos
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    To find SAMP settings, open your main SAMP, go to tools and settings. Hide the rest of servers before posting image.
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    Your questions answers are as joking with us.
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    Please show us that you have deleted all the Cleo modifications in order to be considered for the second chance.
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